A 30-year-old man, Ryan Grant makes millions of dollars in profit per year from product gotten from Walmart and other local retail stores which he flips on Amazon for sale.

Ryan Grant has been selling on Amazon since college days. As a student at Winona State University, he sold books on Amazon and made up to $10,000 profit in a year.

Upon graduation from school, Grant got an accounting job which he later found unfulfilling. Then the idea of going online sparked but not just textbooks this time.

Grant said that while doing his accounting job, he realized that he was not on the career path he wanted as he was not getting the desired fulfilment. This led him to looking for other options and ways to make sure he becomes a fulfilled man.

Less than six years after quitting his accounting job and moving fully into the online world, Grant’s business now employs 10 people and makes millions of profit per year. In 2018, his profit on revenue almost hit $6 million.

Partnership with brands and manufacturers to sell their items in bulk online has helped Grant build his business faster as brands are always willing and eager to work with his company.

Though his company sells on eBay, Jet.com and other sites, the bulk of sales and profit comes from Amazon.

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