The Chinese government has charged Walmart for allegedly violating the cybersecurity laws.

A local media reported on Wednesday that police in the Southern Chinese city of Shenzhen discovered 19 vulnerabilities in Walmart’s network system in late November and accused it of being too slow in fixing the lapses.

The report said Walmart was ordered to make rectifications, without mentioning any fines or details of the vulnerabilities.

The U.S retail giant and the Shenzhen police did not immediately respond to requests for comments today.

This marks a fresh set of troubles for Walmart in China as it has faced critisicm in the past month for its deliberate removal of products sourced from Xinjiang from its apps and stores.

Although, Walmart has not publicly passed a comment on this, it is however reported that a company executive told analysts on a call that the matter was a misunderstanding and that there was no deliberate removal of Xinjiang-sourced products.

However, in a separate report, the company was fined 10,000 yuan ($1,568) in December by the city’s market regulator for violating food safety laws – a frozen vegetable product carried no production or expiry date.

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