Thé Ondo State Police Command has confirmed the rescue of suspected abducted children kept in an underground apartment of a church in the Valentino area of Ondo town.

The incident was confirmed by the State Police Command via a tweet on its official Twitter handle (@OndoPoliceNg) earlier today.

In a viral video obtained exclusively by BOOM Television, the abducted children were rescued by a police patrol team and taken away in the police patrol vehicle. Eye witness account disclosed that they were found in the underground cell of a church around Valentino Area, in Ondo town.

Onlookers at the scene were heard saying the victims have been brainwashed as they could not respond to the questions the rescue team was asking them.

Eyewitness accounts disclosed further that the victims are over 50 in number. It was also gathered that the Pastor and some members of the church have have been apprehended and taken into police custody.

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