Major fashion brands are getting into the Metaverse world as they begin to set up a virtual wardrobe where users can pick out 3D rendered digital outfits to wear in the Metaverse world.

The virtual world is taking a new phase as the digital fashion allows Metaverse users to recreate their wardrobe and wear personal items within existing social contexts and platforms. Metaverse is set to unlock the full potentials of digital fashion.

Recently, leading fashion and gaming companies like Balenciaga and Fortnite, Vans and Roblox announced collaborations that span digital fashion collection and physical activations.

Some major fashion players have already begun capitalizing on the Metaverse market as they offered avatar accessories through Roblox, a virtual world building platform.

Brands such as Prada, Rebecca, Gucci and Minkoff have launched the first wave of digital market places with sites including Replicant.

Minkoff sold some digital versions from her recent collection on The Dematerialised. Recently, Nike also announced the availability of RTFKT, a collective that designs virtual kicks among other digital collectibles.

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