Following the threats by the Abuja-Kaduna train attackers, the families and friends of the abductees remaining in the den of the kidnappers have again cried out to the Nigerian government to yield to the demands of the attackers so as to save their relatives held hostage by the bandits.

The bandits who attacked the Abuja-Kaduna train on March 28 have warned and threatened that they would starve and kill their hostages one by one if the Federal Government refuses to meet their demands.

They have demanded the unconditional release of their detained children in an orphanage home in Adamawa State under the strict supervision of the Nigerian Army and the release of their detained colleagues.

Their demands were disseminated by a publisher of the Kaduna-based Desert Herald newspaper, Tukur Mamu, who is also a Media Consultant to a controversial Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi.

The publisher claimed that the bandits contacted him through one of their leaders, identified as Abu Barra, who strongly instructed him to convey the message to the victim’s families and the Nigerian Government.

In his reaction, the leader of the kidnapped victims’ families, Dr. Abdulfatai Jimoh, reportedly stated that the government should reason with the terrorists’ demands and have the victims released.

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