The Nigerian Communications Commission has warned Nigerian Telecom users to beware of a new, high risk virus that steals banking details from devices.

The virus, called Flubot targets Androids with fake security updates and App installations. The virus attacks Android devices by pretending to be FedEx, DHL, Correos and chrome application and compels unsuspecting users to alter the accessibility configurations on their devices in order to maintain a continuous presence on the devices.

The Flubot impersonates Android mobile banking apps to draw fake web view on targeted applications and steals personal data,credit card details and online banking credentials.

When Flubot infects a device, it can result in incalculable financial losses.The virus creates a back door which allows access to users device, enabling the attacker to perform criminal actions.

The NCC therefore advises telecom users not to click on the link of any suspicious message or install any application or security update that pops up on their page.

The Commission further implores users to use string passwords and enable two- factor authentications over logins, and regular backups should be conducted.

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