Following the unending power outages experienced by a larger part of the country, it has been revealed that 20 gas power plants are currently lagging behind and null which has led to power supply dropping below 200 Mega Watts.

On the national grid, Nigeria has 23 power generating plants with 11,165MW capacity which are managed by generation companies (GenCos), independent power providers, and Niger Delta Holding Company. Two of the 23 plants are hydroelectric plants.

Underlying investigations have revealed that the plants are currently either generating below expectations, have shut down due to lack of gas, or undergoing maintenance.

Some of the affected plants according to investigations includes Omotosho units 5 & 6, Olorunsogo units 3, 4 & 6, Omoku Units 3 & 6, Omotosho NIPP units 3 & 4, Delta units 15, 17, and 18, Afam VI units 11 & 12, Olorunsogo NIPP unit 3, Ihovbor NIPP unit 2, Sapele Steam unit 3, Sapele NIPP unit 1, Odukpani NIPP units 1 & 3, and Okpai units 11, 12 & 18.

Also, Jebba Hydro and Shiroro power generating stations are either out, or have limited generation capacity.

Other power generating plants that are affected due to either a fault or for scheduled maintenance includes Omotosho units 3&4, Olorunsogo unit 1, Delta units 10 &20, Afam VI unit 13, Ihovbor NIPP unit 4, Geregu NIPP units 22&23, and Odukpani NIPP units 2, 4 & 5.

Two of the 23 plants which are hydroelectric, Shiroro and Jeba, are also experiencing generation shortfall due to water management issues.

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